The consulting community solving your needs is a consultancy community of independent consultants in Europe. Based in Norway where we are unique, our community is inspired from Boston. Learn more about us and about how we work – or check our projects/references and pro bono projects. Our community consists of 12+ consultants and 2 employees, and we can solve your needs both in Norway and the EU, as well as around the globe within:

  • PR and communications
  • Lobbying and government relations (Nordics, EU, UN)
  • Business development and sales by locals in a number of countries
  • Partnership searches – across most industries and all continents
  • Improving operational excellence
  • Corporate finance
  • Headhunting, board members and team/organisational development
  • Sales, marketing and branding – including innovative strategies such as place branding
  • Cross-cultural strategies
  • Networking and alumni development
  • Service design and -evaluation
  • Social media and internet strategies
  • Film location scout
  • Trade representatives and agents (e.g. oil sector, export/import)
  • Advice on legal issues in a number of countries
  • Analysis

How and Who?

We put together a tailor-made team of consultants to suit just your needs. Check out how we work – for small tech, big corporates, international agencies and countries. We work with all compensation models – fixed rate, by the hour, no cure-no pay, and pro bono. Let us bid for your work! Contact us at

The Konsulent1 Consulting Community is operated by the company Konsulent 1 AS. Konsulent 1 AS is also a small-scale investor in start-ups.

Current projects (Dec 2014)

Our biggest project since late 2013 has been to develop We also do projects - some bigger, some smaller – within tech, Oil&Gas, place branding, international trade, foreign direct investments, several dot.coms, FMCG, building industry, international talent, healthcare/medtech, greentech, NGO, tourism, finance, education, film location scouting, shipping.

Recent projects also in: Automotive, EU affairs, social media, sportswear, fundraising, venture philantropy, finance and some time back the 2012 Nobel peace prize torchlight march.

Current clients (Dec 2014)

We work for the greater good – and for corporate giants. Our clients cover quite a range from Fairtrade Norway to top 3 Nordic building industry, telecom – top Nordic challenger, leading actors in oil&gas, an upcoming challenger in sportswear, a European country, several dot.coms, shipping, an inventor with 34 tech patents, and more.

Recent projects also for: top 3 global automotive, top 5 global pharma, European Commission, EU agency, top 3 Nordic bank, a western country and more. Let us see how we can help you too!