Oslo International Law

Oslo International Law is a service by Konsulent 1, being a common concept to encompas our consultants with legal background from several countries. Our consultants have either passed the bar in these countries or have done the full law degree from these countries, and most have experience with several aspects of corporate law. In some cases they also have other reasons for having extensive experience with the legal systems of these countries. Please ask and we are happy to inform of the exact status and experience of our consultants.

This is not a law company. As such, our consultants offer non-lawyer advice in legal matters – as management consultants if you will. However, when you after this advice may need the advice of a local lawyer abroad, our consultants normally have affiliations or agreements with local fully-qualified lawyers that can help, often at a far better rate than you would get calling up directly from your home country – or going through one of the international law firms.

From these countris we have consultants with bar exam or full legal studies (details provided upon request) – all living at least part-time in Norway:

  • -US (New York, Chicago)
  • -Canada
  • -Lithuania
  • -Norway
  • -France

In the following countries our consultants have other experience with working with legal matters, please inquire:

  • -China
  • -Sweden
  • -more

Our rates will please you – and the quality as well as you get a local person – living in Norway. Contact us!